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Join Prince Edward County’s winemakers for mulled wines, comfort foods and festive good cheer.

2016 Dates: Nov 19 & 20, Nov 26 & 27, Dec 3 & 4

Ontario’s most unique wine celebration, Wassail pays tribute to the age old tradition of celebrating the harvest before the arrival of winter. Merrymakers would travel from house to house singing, feasting and, of course, quenching their thirst with local grog.

In Prince Edward County, after harvest we rush to bury the vines to withstand the cold winter. Once the job is done, it’s time to party and everyone is invited!

During the last two weekends in November and the first weekend of December, this modern version of Wassail is a fun time to visit wineries and join in the festivities. Arrive singing a seasonal tune and be treated to free tastes of mulled wine, plus comfort foods and sweet treats! Cross wine-lovers off your list with gifts of wine or wine-related items, or shop for unique, local and handmade crafts and other gifts.

Check back later for details about participating wineries, bus tours, songbook & passport.


22 thoughts on “Wassail”

  1. Interested in events during Wassail. Arriving Nov 27-29. Very excited to participate as we are re locating to the county.

    1. Hi Laura,

      The bus tours depart/finish from Huff Estates Inn, The Waring House and downtown Wellington (lots of B&B’s within walking distance).

  2. I am wondering about which wineries are participating on November 21st? My girlfriends and I (group of six) hope to do the self-guided tour and wonder where I can get more information and purchase tickets?

  3. I’d like to book 4 seats for Nov 28th please from the Waring House. Just let me know what time we should be there. Thanx!

      1. Sharon, the Wassail the County page states the bus tour for 2015 is $15 per person, yet when I click on the link, it is stating $25 per person. This is quite a difference. Please explain and confirm. As mentioned in my previous comment, I need 4 seats for the Nov 28th tour leaving the Waring House. Do I need to pay up front or can we all pay when we get there? As well, what time should we be there? Looking forward to hearing from you soonest as I have guests coming in from Toronto. Thanx

  4. How can I find out which wineries the bus tours will be stopping at? Is the main difference between the bus tour and a self-guided tour that you can choose which wineries you can go to?

    1. Hi Meghan – It’s a surprise! We design the routes to included a variety of wineries including bigger ones, smaller ones, the well-known and off-the-beaten-path to keep it interesting! In order to accommodate everyone, we do not finalize the bus routes until we know how many people we have departing from each location, and therefore the number of buses that will be needed (each bus takes a different route to avoid congestion in the tasting rooms). If you prefer to plan your own route then you can do a self-guided tour or hire a private tour company.

        1. No, usually the folks on that bus check out Huff Estates before/after the tour itself so you’ll be going to 4-5 other wineries in addition to that one.

  5. I see that all participating wineries have been posted now. If we are doing the self-guided tour, do we have to purchase tickets? Or can we just print the passport and songbook and go on our merry way?

    1. Hi Lindy – yes, if you are doing a self-guided tour you can just print the passport and songbook and away you go. No tickets are required, except for special events like Keint-he’s Wassail Cellar Dinner.

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