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VQA wines to be sold on-site at Terroir


The Terroir Wine Festival & Farmers’ Market will be be the first farmers’ market in Ontario to be licensed to sell VQA wines on-site. This means guests will be able to purchase wine at the event, and take it home with them!

Bryan Rogers from Keinte-He Winery says, “This is a really great opportunity for people coming out next Saturday! They can try wines and then, for the first time ever, they can buy those wines right there and then and walk out the door with them. It’s an exciting time to be drinking Prince Edward County wines.”

The Grape Growers of Ontario and The Wine Council of Ontario have been working with the AGCO to allow VQA wines for sale at farmers’ markets and “it has finally happened” says festival organizer Scott Rondeau. “They [AGCO] are really trying to support the local wineries. It’s really great that they are showing so much support for local wines and allowing us to do this.”

The Terroir Wine Festival & Farmers’ Market is on May 3 at the Crystal Palace, and features local Prince Edward County wines alongside local food vendors and farmers like Vicki’s Veggies, Nyman Farms, and Humble Bread. For a full list of participating vendors, visit

Official site of the Prince Edward County Winegrowers Association.

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