Prince Edward County Wineries

Harvest @ By Chadsey's Cairns

Volunteer Picking Brigade Saturdays October 7, 14 & 21

Volunteers arrive around 9am and pick until 1pm with a coffee break. At 1pm I produce a hearty hot meal with lots of wine and then most of the pickers trundle off to play in the autumn glory of PEC. This year we are encouraging any that can stay and help out in part of the afternoon as well to please do so.

If you can come please let us know the number in your party and if there are any food issues or constraints.  Call Richard Johnston at 613 848 3429 or leave a message at 613 399 2992.

You need to dress in layers and  have footwear to handle heavy morning dew. We provide gloves and snips and something to sit on. If you have your own that you would prefer to bring along please do so. Staff will be around to help you get the knack.

October 7, 14 & 21
By Chadsey's Cairns Winery

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.