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The Prince Edward County Winegrowers Association (PECWA) was formed in 2000 as a Not for Profit Organization. PECWA’s mission is the growth and promotion of Prince Edward County as a wine region. PECWA represents both the grape growers and wineries alike. This is achieved through advocacy, market development, special events, education and mutual support.

As an association, we value…

Our Agricultural Base

We promote 100% Ontario wine. We focus on clarity and transparency in marketing and labeling.


We the membership are accountable to our growers and wineries, for activities and strategies moving forward, and for encouraging compliance with policies approved by the membership.


We will support innovation through research, providing information on new technology and continuous improvement of the delivery and sharing of services within our membership.


We promote quality by providing information on the development of viticultural skills and knowledge for our membership, through workshops, seminars and communication.


We understand the value of people to our organization’s success. We must trust, respect and value the opinions expressed by our members.


As an organization we are responsive to the needs of the membership in a timely manner, to support their economic health.


We serve our membership as a community, by providing them with current, informative information as well as support by actively communicating with all levels of government, agencies and organizations.

Board Of Directors

Chair – Tim Kuepfer – Broken Stone Winery
Vice-Chair – Sherry Karlo – Karlo Estates
Secretary – Liz Lacey – Lacey Estates Winery
Treasurer – Alex Sproll – Trail Estate Winery
Education – Adam Dickie – Tortoise Ortis Wine
Marketing – Sherry Karlo – Karlo Estates
Advocacy/Industry Relations – Maggie Granger-Belcastro – Grange of Prince Edward Vineyards and Estate Winery
Board member – Sally Peck – Sugarbush Vineyards

Past-Chair – Mike Traynor – Traynor Family Vineyard


Duarte Da Silva
Executive Director

Linda Lavallee

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Press Releases

June 21, 2018 – Statement RE: Norman Hardie Winery